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A Warm Okonomiyaki Welcome

Yesterday, Reiko-san organized a welcome party for Edu and me at Gottsui Sasazuka, a nearby okonomiyaki joint. It was a fun night. The food was great (then again, all the food I’ve eaten so far has been great). We even got our own personalized okonomiyaki! The environment at work is definitely the most reserved that I’ve ever experienced, so it was great getting a chance to chat with our new coworkers in a social setting. Dinner conversation ranged from game development to Chicago deep-dish pizza, anime to samurai assassins. Despite the language barrier, we managed surprisingly well, combining our broken Japanese and their slightly better English.

サラダ to kick off the evening

"Welcome あでる (Aderu)"

“Welcome あでる (Aderu)”

Edo-san's okonomiyaki (complete with a Japanese flag!)

Edo-san’s okonomiyaki (complete with a Japanese flag)

The From art team :)

The fine folks at From 🙂

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