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Kōyō in Kyōto

2013-11-29 19.12.20

Kōyō (紅葉)

Kōyō (紅葉) refers to the colourful leaves that dominate the landscape in the autumn. Kōyō viewing is a very popular fall activity throughout Japan. With this in mind, we timed our trip to Kyoto specifically to catch the kōyō season, and ended up with more pictures of trees and leaves than I normally take when traveling (and that’s saying something, considering how many tree pictures I usually take).

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Carasawagi Night


I know I’ve been slacking lately in terms of regularly updating the blog, and I’m not entirely sure it’s clear yet from the few blog posts that I have written, but just in case there is any doubt, I would just like to say, that I really, really love Tokyo. Tokyo is easily the best city that I have ever lived in. The convenience stores are actually convenient, the streets are clean, the city is safe, and food is amazing. However, my favourite thing about Tokyo is the people.  Almost everyone we’ve encountered so far has been really kind and friendly. It’s because of the people that a couple kanji-illiterate gaijin like us have been able to get around so easily in the city. It’s because of the people that a night of after-work drinks could evolve into an impromptu jam session with an entire bar full of strangers.

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