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Texture Reference from Around the World

Fair warning — unless you’re particularly fascinated by different types of tree bark found in Tokyo, Frankfurt, and Vancouver, this smattering of photos is most likely going to be very boring for most of you.

I make video game environments for a living, so like a good professional nerd, I’m always on the look out for good reference. Anyway, the other day, I decided to organize a couple years’ worth of vacation photos, and ended up spending an afternoon sorting through several GB of flat close-ups of bark, stains, moss, rocks, and the like.

You know you’re a texture artist if literally every vacation photo album is inevitably filled with pictures such as these:


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So, by the way, I’m in Germany.

The goddess Justitia in the Römerberg

The goddess Justitia in the Römerberg

I am currently in a Frankfurt hotel room watching a documentary on the French Revolution, dubbed in German from the original English.

I understand nothing. This is fast becoming a theme during my stay in this city.

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