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Ilhabela, SP, Brasil

Ilhabela, SP, Brazil

This year’s trip to Brazil was more of a family visit rather than a sightseeing one. The only touristy activity I was determined to do was to spend several days at the beach.

I first had the chance to visit Ilhabela three years ago, and it immediately became one of my favourite places in the world. An island town off the coast of the state of São Paulo, the only way to reach it is by taking a ferry from the nearby town of São Sebastião, as there are no roads or bridges that connect it to continental Brazil.

View from the balsa en route to Ilhabela.

View from the balsa en route to Ilhabela.

Growing up, my concept of a beach was the rocky sands and ice-cold waters of English Bay, so for me, Ilhabela — with its 41 tropical beaches — is nothing short of paradise.

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