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The Liebster Award


A couple days ago, this tiny blog of mine was nominated for a Liebster Award by the fabulous Kainoa over at Holoholo Girls. I’ve been a long-time follower (*cough* lurker *cough*) of their blog, and I love their creative, insightful, and beautifully personal posts about life. Needless to say, coming from them, this means a lot! Thank you/ありがとう~!

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Another Reason Why I Love Japan

There are so many wonderful things about Japan, but after what happened today, my admiration for the land of the rising sun has been cemented forever.

Last night, Edu and I were around Shinjuku Station following a nomikai (drinking party), when we decided to grab a late night dinner at McDonald’s. As the last train had already come and gone, this meant that we would need to take a cab back home. Anyway, this morning, as I was heading out for work, I realized that my wallet was missing. I didn’t know the name of the cab company we took, and I honestly couldn’t recall whether or not I even had my wallet with me when we exited the taxi. After desperately rummaging through the apartment, I finally resigned myself to the fact that I must have dropped it somewhere between the McDonald’s in Shinjuku and my apartment in Shibuya ward. 

One good thing that came out of this was that I learned the word for wallet in Japanese: 財布 (saifu).

One good thing that came out of this was that I learned the word for wallet in Japanese: 財布 (saifu).

After going to the koban (local police station) to file a missing articles report, I walked back home, retracing my steps from the previous night.

To my surprise, I noticed that one of the delivery lockers in the mail room had my apartment number on it, indicating that there was a package or something inside for me.

And there it was — my missing wallet, perfectly intact, with all of my cash still inside.

Someone must have found it, and then taken the time to deliver it back to my apartment.

In no other country (at least, none that I’ve lived in) would this ever happen. At best, back home, someone would return your wallet, but expect some sort of reward for doing so. Whoever had found my wallet didn’t even leave any contact information for me to thank them.

That’s it. It’s decided. I am staying here forever. I am raising my children here, and they will be decent human beings because Japan is the best country on earth. 

I ♥ Japan.

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What I Love About Los Angeles

Yesterday marked the first Fourth of July since moving to the states that I didn’t have to work. (I’ve just realized that I’ve spent the past three years of my life — pretty much the entire time I’ve lived in the USA — in near-constant crunch).

My Fourth of July was glorious — I woke up late, called my Mom, sat around and did nothing for a while, played Tomb Raider, walked to the beach. We then had sushi with REAL AMERICANS a.k.a. our friends Michael, Kathy, and their significant others. It was a very authentic way to celebrate.

As it so happens, my country commemorated the day of its independence this week as well, as Canada Day is July 1st. I didn’t get a chance to celebrate since I had to work that day, but I did take the time to read an article in Maclean’s, describing the 99 reasons why it’s apparently better to be Canadian. I was incredibly disgusted to read what was essentially an America-bashing fest, and coming from Maclean’s, a supposedly reputable news magazine, I was doubly disappointed. And I thought we were supposed to be the polite ones.

Well, don’t expect any nasty spitefulness from this Canadian, at least. Instead, in honour of this American holiday, I present to you my tribute to my favourite American city — Los Angeles.

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What I Love About Vancouver

As I mentioned before, I spent this past weekend in Vancouver, and it turned out to be a surprisingly pleasant trip. I mean, I always have a great time hanging out with family and friends, but I normally have some shitty encounter with customer service or a snobby Vancouverite which sours my visit whenever I’m in town and reminds me why I was so glad to get out of that city.

But this time, everyone was so nice and chatty and friendly, and this – coupled with the aforementioned family time – allowed me to really appreciate how much I really do like Vancouver, despite our rocky relationship.

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