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A Non-Ode to My Once Favourite Season

So far my feelings about Tokyo have been pretty positive. Overall, I really enjoy living here. The food isĀ amazing, the people are friendly, and there’s always something to do or see in the city.

However, less than two weeks in, I’ve managed to find something to hate about my new home: summer.

Really, it breaks my heart to say this, because growing up in Canada, summer was always my favourite time of year. In addition to being my birthday season, summer meant a break from school, late sunsets, consecutive days of sunshine (which, in Vancouver, is a pretty big deal), and fireworks (also a pretty big deal). It was never cold, but it was never too hot, either.

But in Tokyo, summer means being drenched in perpetual sweat all day and all night due to the insane 70% humidity and temperatures in the mid-30s (mid-90s for you Americans). Summer means stupid goddamn mosquitoes and swollen, itchy ankles covered in bites. And blisters as a result of allergic reactions to those bites! My legs are all red and swollen, and I can’t even wear shorts because that will only invite more mosquitoes to feast on my bare legs, thus kicking off the cycle of suffering once again!


I can’t wait until fall.

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