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What I Love About Los Angeles

Yesterday marked the first Fourth of July since moving to the states that I didn’t have to work. (I’ve just realized that I’ve spent the past three years of my life — pretty much the entire time I’ve lived in the USA — in near-constant crunch).

My Fourth of July was glorious — I woke up late, called my Mom, sat around and did nothing for a while, played Tomb Raider, walked to the beach. We then had sushi with REAL AMERICANS a.k.a. our friends Michael, Kathy, and their significant others. It was a very authentic way to celebrate.

As it so happens, my country commemorated the day of its independence this week as well, as Canada Day is July 1st. I didn’t get a chance to celebrate since I had to work that day, but I did take the time to read an article in Maclean’s, describing the 99 reasons why it’s apparently better to be Canadian. I was incredibly disgusted to read what was essentially an America-bashing fest, and coming from Maclean’s, a supposedly reputable news magazine, I was doubly disappointed. And I thought we were supposed to be the polite ones.

Well, don’t expect any nasty spitefulness from this Canadian, at least. Instead, in honour of this American holiday, I present to you my tribute to my favourite American city — Los Angeles.

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Crunching Numbers

There’s no turning back now — I’m on a flight out of LAX — well out of range of the office — so if there’s anything that needs fixing, it’s too late. Yes, folks: crunch is officially over for me. Just in time, too, as working on this game has not had the most positive effect on my health. Observe:

  • 11 white hairs, all of which sprouted up during production.
  • 1 case of cervical arthritis. Oh, and my neck now curves in the opposite direction to how it’s supposed to be.

Necks are not supposed to curve in this direction!

  • 11 sessions of physical therapy to deal with the consequences of sitting hunched over my tablet for 14-16 hours per day.
  • 5 lbs. gained by the end of the project (I gained 20 lbs. on Uncharted 3, so this is actually an improvement).
  • 35 bottles of wine consumed throughout production.
  • 6 additional bottles of wine consumed the night of art lock.

This cute list is really only the tip of the iceberg. To be honest, this crunch was pretty brutal in a lot of ways, physically, emotionally, mentally, and I’m still in the process of recovering. All that matters to me right now is that, at the end of the day, all the personal sacrifice that I and everyone else put in to this game has paid off, and  I got to be part of what I believe is going to be an amazing game.

And I am officially on vacation.

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What I Love About Vancouver

As I mentioned before, I spent this past weekend in Vancouver, and it turned out to be a surprisingly pleasant trip. I mean, I always have a great time hanging out with family and friends, but I normally have some shitty encounter with customer service or a snobby Vancouverite which sours my visit whenever I’m in town and reminds me why I was so glad to get out of that city.

But this time, everyone was so nice and chatty and friendly, and this – coupled with the aforementioned family time – allowed me to really appreciate how much I really do like Vancouver, despite our rocky relationship.

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