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Kaite itadakemasen ka?

A useful phrase to learn if you’re about to move to Japan knowing very little Japanese, and your name in kanji looks like this:

The other day in Japanese class, our teacher Midori-sensei helped us sort out the kanji versions of our names.

“I normally don’t do this,” she told us about picking out kanji versions of non-Japanese names. “Usually my students are responsible for figuring out their own names. But sometimes the kanji they choose are just so strange.”

That still didn’t stop Edu from choosing this poetic rendering of his name:


which apparently roughly translates to “Edo (as in Japan’s Edo period) feathers, model is nothing.”

My kanji ended up being:


which means “flowing water, samurai painting field.”

Japanese lesson of the day: the Japanese version of me is pretty fucking badass.

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