By day, I’m a video game developer. By night, well, I’m still a video game developer. But in the moments in between, I write. Recently, I have been writing mostly about my experiences as a Canadian expat in Japan. However, this blog is simply an eclectic space in which I jot down my general musings — about the places and people I meet, work experiences, my love for language-learning, and my adventures with my husband and best friend Edu, who is incidentally also a video game developer and who you’ll see featured in this blog a lot. 

This blog serves as a way to share our stories with family and friends living in various parts of the globe, from Vancouver to São Paulo and several places in between.

I’ve previously lived in Canada, the USA, and Argentina, and have also spent an extensive amount of time in Brazil.

I currently live in Tokyo, Japan.

One thought on “About

  1. Nice blog! I’ve been twice to Japan (and planning the 3rd trip, this time with my son), and I share with you the love for this beautiful country.

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