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Nara with Deer Friends (Nara, Japan)

I’m terribly sorry for the pun, but I really couldn’t resist. Hey, it could have been worse — my alternate title choice was something along the lines of “I’m so fawned of Nara.” (Get it?!)

A few months ago (this blog post is waaay overdue), Edu and I had a chance to revisit the Kansai area, this time with a couple friends who were visiting from the US. We planned a weekend stay in Osaka, but as Nara was closeby (the train ride from Osaka to Nara was less than an hour), we couldn’t resist venturing a day trip to the historic city.

En route to Osaka via shinkansen.

Early morning view from the shinkansen to Osaka.

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The Liebster Award


A couple days ago, this tiny blog of mine was nominated for a Liebster Award by the fabulous Kainoa over at Holoholo Girls. I’ve been a long-time follower (*cough* lurker *cough*) of their blog, and I love their creative, insightful, and beautifully personal posts about life. Needless to say, coming from them, this means a lot! Thank you/ありがとう~!

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Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day, The Last of Us way. | Image source.

Valentine’s Day, The Last of Us way. | Image source.

Valentine’s Day  has never been a significant holiday for me personally. As a kid, it was the day I had to remember to come to school wearing something red or pink, instead of our school’s green sweater and kilt uniform. I never really cared for the holiday, but I never hated it either, the way that some folks do, I suppose.  

In Japan, バレンタインデー (Valentine’s Day) is a day for women to buy chocolates for the men in their lives, whether it be to express love and affection for a boyfriend or husband, or 義理チョコ (“obligatory chocolate gifts”) for male bosses or colleagues.

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