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6 Packing Tips for International Moves, Acquired through Trial and Error

I read a lot of travel blogs in my spare time, and a lot of my favourite blogs are written by serial nomads who move to a new country every few months or so. However, whether you move to a new country several times a year or just once in your lifetime, the question still remains — what do you do with all your stuff?

Many nomads and long-term travelers solve this problem by opting for a minimalist lifestyle. Now, in my situation, I admit that adopting a more spartan lifestyle would certainly decrease the hassle of moving internationally. However, because we work in the video game industry, certain possessions which would be considered frivolous to some are necessities for Edu and me — our growing library of reference books, all of our game consoles, our game collection, anatomy figures, our television, and our custom-built desktop computers.

And also, let’s be honest: I like having stuff.

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Carasawagi Night


I know I’ve been slacking lately in terms of regularly updating the blog, and I’m not entirely sure it’s clear yet from the few blog posts that I have written, but just in case there is any doubt, I would just like to say, that I really, really love Tokyo. Tokyo is easily the best city that I have ever lived in. The convenience stores are actually convenient, the streets are clean, the city is safe, and food is amazing. However, my favourite thing about Tokyo is the people.  Almost everyone we’ve encountered so far has been really kind and friendly. It’s because of the people that a couple kanji-illiterate gaijin like us have been able to get around so easily in the city. It’s because of the people that a night of after-work drinks could evolve into an impromptu jam session with an entire bar full of strangers.

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